The name of this plant is referring to the way they grow in the wild: preferably on trees, sometimes on rocks. Dendron is Greek for 'tree' and 'bios' means life. The Dendrobium nobile comes from South-East Asia, the Himalayan region, Malaysia, South China and Japan.

Appearance of Dendrobium nobile

The Dendrobium nobile stands out from the other orchid species by the bunch of flowers that forms in front of the armpit of each blade. With this particular inflorescence to stem the Dendrobium nobile has a love beard of at least 8 weeks. The perfumed flowers are five to eight cm wide. The color ranges from completely white to yellow and orange to red and purple, and combinations thereof.

Care Dendrobium nobile

The Dendrobium nobile tolerates a lot of light, but do not store in direct sunlight.

Like other Orchids Dendrobium nobile should not be too wet. Give only water when the soil is almost dry, 1 time per week is enough. It is also good to immerse the plant 1 time per month.

The Dendrobium nobile begins its flowering cycle in the spring. For that give a good required humidity regular water, a little fertilizer every month and put the plant in a bright and warm place.

The Dendrobium nobile is preferably in environment with a temperature between 15 and 25ºC.

When the flower stalk has finished, the flowers fall off by itself. Put the Dendrobium nobile away in a light where it is in the winter around 10 to 15ºC. Enter the Dendrobium nobile in this period just water, Dendrobium nobile does not dry out. From a new shoot gives the new orchid flowers again. This usually lasts eight to twelve months.

The Dendrobium nobile does not thrive well in a large pot and prefers to stay 2 to 3 years in the same pot. Repotting is necessary only when the Dendrobium nobile really does not fit into the pot. Well dipping and drain remains the best way of watering!

Caution with sunlight: These plants should not be in the full and direct sun, because the risk of burning. A bright spot where the sun radiates directly is good. A window on the north or a shield from the sun would be fine.

Dipping 1x per week: A pot with the pot in a bowl of water indicates that prevents this plant to be immersed for a short time (10 minutes) with the root ball in the water. After dipping has to drain the water.

Nutrition 1x per two months: This plant has little nutritional needs and therefore need to be provided only once every two months in power. For the exact concentration of the label of the food product should be consulted.

Minimum 15 ° C Maximum 25 ° C: This plant feels in most living rooms at home.

Not suitable for consumption: These plants are not suitable for consumption by humans and animals.

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